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Mr Creator is a creative company that has an eye for detail.  I will always produce your artwork, logo design or video how you want it, GUARANTEED.  I am highly experienced and always passionate about any project I take on.


And I don’t just design logos: I can help you totally re-brand your business if you want to!


I start by helping you identify the graphic designs that you’ve seen and that you like, also what you don’t like about them. It may be the colours, layout, functionality or the general feel. Based on that feedback, I will then create your project for you, taking all of this criteria into account.  


Also I can use the same principal on your video project.  It's not just a case of filming some footage; I understand the purpose of what you want and how to make it work for you. Again I would investigate the themes and looks that you like and incorporate them into the video.


I pride myself on my customer service.  I have no secrets in how I conduct a high level of service – just honesty, reliability and efficiency.  A simple code of conduct that is often overlooked and ignored these days!  This is what makes me stand out from the crowd.


I am happy to come and visit my customers at their home or workplace and, due to the wonders of modern technology, have the ability to do business with clients all over the world.  


So wherever you are and whatever you do – I can help!

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

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Jim Thompson


Previously worked for:

Saatchi & Saatchi

Mullen Lowe Group


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"I'm happy when you're happy"


Businesses helped so far:

151 and counting

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* Cheap Business Videos

* Save on bulk printing projects

* Get your print orders delivered anywhere in the UK - Free of charge!!

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