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‘Canva’ you really do it better yourself?

As a graphic designer, the COVID 19 Pandemic was tough in many ways. Nobody was going out, no posters for events, no business cards or flyers to be designed and 'Zoom Fatigue' became an actual thing.

I did think "but at least people will want custom designed backgrounds for their Zoom calls!"


And why was this? Well, everyone had time on their hands. Time to download and 'have a go' at designing their own stuff on things like Canva.

What is Canva? Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. It has loads of templates to help you create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and so on. There is a certain amount of creativity to it but when it comes to creating things that need to printed, that is when people come unstuck.

While online platforms like Canva offer convenience and affordability, they may not always meet the unique requirements and standards that a professional graphic designer can provide.

I had a recent business card order come in and they were supplying the artwork. But the sizing was all wrong and understanding principles like having a 'safe area' and 'bleed & trim' on it is not something Canva and the like can help you with.

Something else that can be restrictive is that you have a limited set of typefaces (most people wrongly refer to these as 'fonts' - that is another blog all to itself). So if you want to create a design, you may find that the text you use is not quite right but as it's the closest you can get to it, you have to 'make do'. Graphic designers will never let you settle for that, they will always drive to give you the perfect look.

Working with a graphic designer allows for direct communication and collaboration, ensuring that your vision is fully understood and implemented in the final product.

One of my reviews on Google states:

"Mr Creator is a fabulous organization! I dealt with Jim who was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. I had business cards and professional leaflets done. From initial communication through to the first meeting, designing of leaflet to production and delivery of the flyers/cards was A1."

Would my client have got what they needed from Canva? Possibly... but how much longer would they have taken to get it right? And would they have been completely 100% happy?

I suppose I should thank Canva really as I have had a few clients come to me saying "well I did this on Canva to give you an idea but can you make it properly for me?".

So... In the 'canva's of graphic design, while online platforms may offer a quick stroke of convenience, the masterpiece truly emerges when you brush strokes with a professional graphic designer, adding depth, nuance, and a splash of creativity to your project.

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