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Design and Marketing News - 16th Feb 2024

Well, Valentine's Day was a few days ago but that doesn't mean we can't continue to celebrate love.

At least, that's what the wife tells me.

So what sweet romantic nuggets have I got for you beautiful readers today? Read on and find out!


Any graphic designer will tell you that looking for the perfect type pair can be time-consuming. Despite the availability of many AI-based font pairing solutions on the market, the process still requires inspiration, intuition, and a deep understanding of typography. These five experts share their favorite typeface pairs, all created without artificial intelligence


Valentine’s Day is a massive cultural bandwagon for brands to jump onto. It also has serious economic clout—with an estimated worth of more than $25 billion—so it is easy to see the appeal and potential of the brand opportunity. For many this opportunity pays off. But brands, like anyone else on Valentine’s Day, can get it wrong if they’re thoughtless.

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