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It's a HUGE day for Mr Creator Design!!

I get easily distracted and I'm not sure why. The internet tells me that it could be ADHD, but I think I would have known if I had that long before now... right?

Anyway, I have already digressed.

Today is a big day... huge!! And why is that? Well, I became, officially, a published book cover illustrator!! Here it is!

What do you think?

I have known Andrée for a number of years and did some design work on the marketing of her first book. She was after something a bit different from her first outing, a book called 'Behind The Mask' and as it was a personal journey she had been on, I really felt that a female figure needed to feature within the design.

The trickiest bit for both of us though was getting the cover uploaded onto Amazon, as Andrée is one of the ever growing band of self publishers.

If I ever stop my procrastinating, I might just join her myself one day...

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