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The internet is not just for wasting time... or is it?

I hold my hands up that there are just some days that the business brain is not switched on and the internet can be a black hole that sucks you in and steals hours of your day away from you. Sometimes, when I am working on a project... say, designing a brochure for a client, I have something that I would like to add as a design element, but I need to find some inspiration to get the idea more solid in my head.

So I go a-wandering through the web.

As any arachnologist will tell you, if you play with a web, you are likely to get stuck to it. (note to self - is this why its called the web?) I have indeed got stuck to it and I want to tell you about one that is useful and one that is completely pointless but fun.

The Useful One

When designing materials for businesses, you might find that you need to create icons to illustrate a way of communication or a function that the business offers. One place you can got to for inspiration is

The wonderful thing about Google's Icons is that they are completely free. Free to use, free to adapt and free to use on anything you want. The only thing you are not allowed to use is the 'Google Sans' font, which can only be used still within Google.

You can adjust them within the website and select which one you want... and you can then either download it as a SVG, PNG or even the code for a variety of platforms! It even gives you options for Android or iOS icons!!

For anyone looking at starting in design or doing stuff in-house for your boss, this can save you a load of time... once you have stopped browsing through all the variations on offer (there are over 2000!!). Check it out!

The 'Time' Waster

Time is very much of the essence on this particular site... as the site is a clock where the time is in a song title!!

Ever heard of the song '4:01 PM' by Renzo Nash? Well, you can click on the song title and it will take you through to Spotify to play it! Experience songs like:

  • 12:51 by The Strokes

  • 10:15 Saturday Night by The Cure

  • and that all time classic... 3am Eternal by The KLF (from one of my all time classic albums when I was 17!)

Most of the obscure songs are quite short, ranging from 1min 30 seconds to just over 2 minutes, but there are a few all time belters in there.

The site is produced by The Pudding ( who just do random projects but generally make fun stuff from the internet. As they say on their homepage... "Get cozy, you could be here a while."

See you soon... or maybe not. Some other time then?

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