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Today's musings in design and marketing - 29th Jan 2024

It's the start of another week and my feet have not touched the floor today (and that is not down to me learning how to levitate, unfortunately). My fingers have been tip-tapping away and I have been reading articles during my breaks... some including a cottage cheese pitta... (that's the break, not the articles).

Is Adobe going to be left behind?

Adobe is my go to when it comes to my designing, photo editing and video production. So clearly it is doing many things right. 

"But here we are nearly 30 years into the internet age, and our leading provider of publishing tools hasn’t any dog in the fight. Adobe has failed to provide us with appropriate web tools. The way it has for decades in the print, graphics and video markets." 

The Art of Commenting on LinkedIn (2 minute read)

Look, I have to be honest that in all my years, LinkedIn has been a bit of a mystery when it comes to getting business and engaging with potential customer. I can count of one finger the number of businesses that have contacted me for my services.

(yes, that means just the one)

But guess what? Apparently commenting on LinkedIn posts boosts your visibility. This post contains 10 golden rules and 10 fatal mistakes when commenting on posts. "Do’s" include sharing relevant links, tagging people to invite their insights, and making bold statements to make the poster rethink their opinion. "Don’ts" include leaving one-word comments, publicly announcing grammatical errors (use DMs), or self-promoting your own products or services.

Be a Reader McGreader (It was the best I could do - read the article and you'll see why I did this) and see for yourself here:

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