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What's new in the world of design and marketing? 6th Feb 2024

It's been a few days since my last blog and I can genuinely say that I just couldn't find enough hour sin the day to squeeze it all in. If my days were a sleeping bag, the zips would have burst open and my work would have split out across the bottom of the tent... possibly to be carried out by ants.

But I have probably told you too much about my experiences in camping with that analogy...

So what have I found on the internet for you today?

Design - Art of Symbols (Website)

This is a fascinating website that looks at symbols around the world, cultures and through history. Symbols are integral to our design vocabulary, so we must know where they come from and what they mean. This website teaches you about the meaning of many symbols over the past 40,000 years and how they were used throughout human history.

Check is out here:

Marketing - How to get your first 10 customers (5 minute read)

Those of you that know me, know that I love helping new businesses, start ups and those trying to be their own boss. I pride myself on how much I help people.

So maybe if you are at that stage in your business life, ensure you’re working with a handful of customers via a beta or private launch. This will help refine your product or service offering with preliminary feedback. In finding your first 10-1,000 customers, reach out to targeted strangers or friends, enlist influencers, contact the press, and create viral content. Also, note that not every early customer will be a perfect fit. Use their various personas to further guide and define who your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) truly is.

Read Kevan Lee's post here (and have a look through his other posts too):

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