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Working through grief

Updated: May 31

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last couple of months and that is due to some personal stuff going on. The loss of a greatly loved family member will take the wind out of your sails (and sales) and make you sit back and think deeply about your own life and what you would want out of it and if there is any legacy you feel you should be leaving.

But then there is Life. It still goes on around you and you still have bills to pay, customers to serve as well as the dog needing walks and eating food.

The dog walking is wonderful and I am yet to find a reason to stop enjoying eating food. But when you're feeling sad about what you are experiencing in your personal life, the 'mask' you put on to carry out your work life becomes very important.

"Leave your personal stuff at the door and get focused on the task at hand" is what I say to my cast when I direct or when I used to be a manager at a previous workplace. It wasn't meant in an uncaring way and I was always the first person people would (still do) come to when they want to get something off their chest, but the reason I say this is so that you can focus on something more positive. Even if it is just for a few minutes... an hour... any length of time to take you away from the pain of loss.

So apologies if I have been off the boil lately, but I am getting back to focusing on the task at hand. Normal service will resume!

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