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Once your site goes live, you will want to know you are getting the most from your investment.  I know how to use and harness the power of the internet and optimise your site so it performs well in search engines.


When you have a new web site, it is easy to make mistakes, we have all done it – even me! What is not good is when the mistakes cost you money, but I can give you advice and guidence every step off the way.


EXTREME Search Engine Optimisation from £1000 a year!! (or £85 per month)


This includes:

  • Submission to over 400 (guaranteed) search engines

  • Resubmission every month to help boost rankings

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Meta Tags Generation

  • Keyword Analysis and Generation

  • Free Customer Support

  • Link popularity

  • Website Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis (comparing your site against your closest rivals)

  • and much much more...


Making your site work on the internet takes time and there are some areas non web developers would simply not be able to work on. I also work in partnership with global research companies that help deliver the results you need.


Contact me for a more detailed analysis in improving the performance of your site or check out this downloadable document!

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• A website will promote you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


• It will act as an online brochure, detailing all of your products and services


• It will gain you extra customers via the search engines


• It will improve the profile of your company


• A website can provide your customers with a 24 hour customer information service


• A website will pre-sell to your potential customers


• It will be your company’s window to the entire population of the UK


• It will increase the awareness of your business in your local area

Making your website work for you.

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