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Here's some I shot earlier...

Walk On The Wild Side advert

The client had a website and a logo designed but wanted something else that would capture the attention of potential customers... so I suggested an advert.  Not only would it show off the puppets and different things they did, but also a video on the website is a great way of boosting the popularity of the website in search engine rankings.  The longer people stay on your site, the more it boosts!

Yoga-Vibe info video

The client wanted to have small videos within her site to give a brief overview of the different styles of yoga she taught.  I arranged to meet up with her before one of her classes to get a 'talking heads' section and inserted (via an in-screen overlay) clips from her actual class later that morning.

Actor showreel video (Molly Jenkins)

Having contacts with the local theatre scene, I have been asked by some actors to help them put together a 'showreel' that they can use to send to agents, showcasing the previous work they have done in the industry. This is comprised of clips of films, projects and music videos they will have been involved in but edited in such a way as show the versatility of what the performer can do.

Cable AV advert

The client already had a website prior to meeting me and just wanted to have an online advert to put on Youtube.  They had a very tight budget and decided to present the advert themselves.  I was able to coach their member of staff so that they were not as stiff as you usually see on other self-advertised videos.  The client supplied all the images themselves.

These are just a sample of the videos I have created over the last five years and if you are interested in having one yourself, just get in touch here!