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Creating a video can do more that you think...

Bespoke Productions…

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I pride myself on my customer service.  As I have said on my home page, I have no secrets in how I conduct my high level of service – just honesty, reliability and efficiency.  A code that has proved very effective to date!  This is what makes me stand out from the crowd.


I am happy to come and visit my customers at their home or workplace.


We have the ability to do business with clients all over the world and can communicate via telephone and email.


So wherever you are and whatever you do – we can help!

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How video is used…

Many entrepreneurs recognise that offering video clips on their websites, or on dedicated video channels (such as Youtube), is a smart marketing idea.


The segments might present compelling interviews, demonstrations of a new product or service, or simply feature the business owner talking about the company’s mission and history.


It personalises your company for customers or potential partners and makes you stand out, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Full Production Services

Mr Creator is a company that has an eye for detail. I will always endeavour to produce your video exactly how you want it.


My Production Team are highly experienced, creative and passionate.


We don’t just shoot and make videos, we understand their purpose and will make them work for you.


I start by helping you identify the styles that you like, and also what you don’t like about them.  It may be the genres or themes, functionality or the general feel.  The team then create your production taking all of this criteria into account.

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