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Here's some I made earlier...

The client already had a website but had felt that it didn't quite reflect the business properly in it's current form.  The site was built from scratch, using the company's colours.  In addition to website, the client also had a logo adjustment and marketing materials created and printed.  I also designed some van graphics and advised of a trustworthy local sign writer that could do the work for them.

The client wanted to take the business to the next level and have a website built that would help them showcase their unique Graphic Wall Covering services.  As part of the contract, I designed their company logo and supply the hosting of the website.

As with anyone who gets a website with Mr Creator, they can have free photo updates to their site throughout the year.

A promotions company based in Birmingham wanted an online presence to advertise up-coming shows at local venues.  The client had a variety of different types of shows on offer, from tribute acts to footballing legends.  The client also ran a Kids Club and Party option.  Once again, I was able to provide a design for the company logo.

The Victoria Hall Theatre is a community run charity in the Harlow area.  The principle behind the website was to drive more people to the theatre to see it's shows.  It also tells people how they can get involved in the running of the theatre itself.


The theatre is just one of a few charities that I support through my business.

The client was a brand new start-up business and needed support on logo design, website, marketing materials and social media instruction.  The client also required the same help on their sister company (www.celebrate-love.org.uk) offering ceremonial services on weddings and other non-religious celebrations.

As one of our oldest customers, I have been able to keep the work coming in for this client.  As well as the regular updating of photos, I have been able to provide technical support on the set up of mobile email access and Cloverfields has, year on year, purchased our Extreme S.E.O. package to ensure that their Google ranking doesn't slip.

Another longstanding customer, I have been required to build this website not just once, but twice!  The client was so happy with the work I had done, that when she decided to freshen the brand up, I was brought on board again.

This time I helped her get more established on the social media side of things to help boost customers.

The client had previously worked for another of my customers but decided to go it alone and set up a performing arts school herself.  I was able to create her company logo, website, marketing materials and van design.  As the client is so busy, she has recently expanded the business to include older children and so the website has expanded too!  Within 3 years, she had expanded so much that we had to create www.temposperformingarts.co.uk for her older kids!

Another returning customer, whereby I was able to help get their online presence working again.  I originally built their website in 2010 but the customer was tempted by 'a friend of a friend' to have a new site created.  After three years of nearly no web presence due to next to no website created by this 'contact', the Theatre School came back to me and had a brand new site up and running within a month.

Another new business that needed the full support of a web presence and marketing material.  Whilst the client already had a company logo, I was able to show how a revised logo would help give the designs on the website and flyers a more professional finish.  The client was so happy with me, she even gave me a present when the project was finished...  I wish they all did that!

This client was one of my first customers and, five years on, is one of my most vocal supporters.  The client knew they needed a website but didn't know where to start.  The advice and support I gave them in helping them get their business online was so greatly appreciated that I have had several new customers from referrals.  That's when you know you have done a good job!

This client was one of those referrals... It was a slightly different job as they wanted to host the site themselves and used software I was not familiar with.  It only took me a weekend to learn the new peice of kit, and their new website was built in a few weeks.  It was delivered to them with all the imagery and new artwork I had created on a USB Drive.  Neat and tidy!

These are just a sample of the sites I have built over the last eight years and if you are interested in having one yourself, just get in touch here!