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Your production - Your way...

I can provide a comprehensive Video and DVD Production service from initial concept and scripting through to filming, editing, voice overs, music, 3D animations and special effects.  I can even provide props, costumes and actors as required.


I offer in-house facilities for Video and CD Duplication/DVD copying and can provide professional camera crews for larger projects requiring location filming.


Corporate video has been an essential part of a company’s marketing vision for many years. However, video production has never been as mainstream and versatile as it is now. Video production costs and the advent of the internet has opened up new marketing avenues for your corporate video.


I can produce corporate videos and DVDs to suit any budget on any project. Most projects are as varied as the businesses that require them and I understand that you will want a corporate video which reflects your company and is not just a “one shoe fits all” solution.


Mr Creator has a vast field of talented contacts to draw from, with script writers and actors to help bring through the human aspect of any business, making the experience more personal and realistic.


Perhaps you want to create a role-play scenario that demonstrates your products, services or even just your company’s ideals? Not a problem! I can find the actors you need that are perfect for the purpose you require.

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