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Affordable Business Solutions for ANY business. Graphics, Print, Video and PPC.

Jim is a great Graphic Designer but it would be completely crazy to think that he can do EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing your business, so here are some recommendations of other businesses connected to Mr Creator Design...


You may have noticed that the creation of websites is missing from the list of main services. This is something that I no longer do. But if you DO need a website, domain name and email service, I would strongly recommend you contact Ash Durant at Intercounty Computers.

Ash is also an absolute genius when it comes to computers and making them work. Whether they are laptops, desktops, phones, tablets or servers... he's your man!



Social Media is a HUGE area that is vital to maximising your reach to potential customers. This is an area that changes massively on a regular basis, so having someone that is sitting on the pulse of what is hot and what is not is crucial. Fortunately for you (and me!) there is Rachel Wicks at Electric Footprint, what she doesn't know about Social Media is, quite frankly, not worth knowing about.

Oh, and her logo was designed by me!



This is another huge area of expertise I do not cover - mainly because it is a VAST skill with many specialities. So here are my top TWO photographers for each specific need:


1. Product Photography - Sarah Holmes from Sarah Stephens Photography. If you need someone to take photos of a physical product you sell, this is the lady you need.

SSP 2022 Logo (PNG).png

2. Headshot or Theatre/Show Photography - Amanda Hall of Amanda Hall Photography also has a huge amount of experience. Amanda is an experienced photographer and chaperone! So she knows camera, kids, theatre, movies and the rest!

Amanda runs a 'Focus Hub' for professionals and this is where my corporate action shots came from for the website and my social media.

amandahallphoto logo.jpg
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