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Did you ever get 'Excite'd back in the day?

I have to hold my hand up to admit that I am OLD!! I used to work in London, at the prestigious Saatchi & Saatchi on Charlotte Street in the late 90's and I remember getting soooo excited about this thing called the internet! I had MSM on my desk top and I could chat to my manager sat at the desk two down on it. I would type BRB if I needed to go to the loo. Giddy times eh?

What you may not have ever considered if you are under the age of 25, is that this was pre-Google! Well, only just.

One of the go to sites to find stuff was actually this place called Excite. A lot of money was spent by companies wanting their ads to pop up when people landing on this page. I'm talking millions and millions. I know, I was the one processing the invoices.

Back then you didn't PPC (pay per click), people paid per 1000 impressions - so paid for just showing the ad, whether someone clicked on it or not. That's how crazy it was back then and why the Internet Bubble burst in the early 00's.

The full story of what happened to Excite and what mistakes were made can be found at this article that was written way back in 2019. You know, before we knew what an R number was and how much anti-bac gel stung your skin if you over used it.

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