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April 2024 Booklet Prices - Saddle-stitch

Once again, I have a post to tell you about what things can cost you! Hopefully you will see what an absolute saving you can make by coming to Mr Creator Design for your print.

So what do we have here? Let me show you!

1000 x 170gsm Self Cover 20pp A5 Booklets - £325

1500 x 170gsm Self Cover 20pp A5 Booklets - £437

This would be ideal if you have a theatre show coming up as you could sell half of your pages out for advertising to local businesses. I have one client that actually MAKES money from selling space in their show programmes so that they give them to theatre patrons for free!!!

Obviously, if you want to order more pages or quantities, or talk to me about printing anything else, get in touch and I will give you a quote that is difficult to beat!!

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