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Design and Marketing Latest News - 3rd April 2024

Before we get started on the latest in the world of Design and Marketing... did you spot my April Fool post on Facebook?

I announced that I was adding Back Tattoos as a service but obviously that is complete tosh!! I'm not sure everyone realised it was a joke but it definitely got lots of laughs.

And so on to what is hot right now and what you should be looking out for...


As you get older, you might think that everything is getting smaller; chocolates, packets of crisps, romantic novels...

Yes! Books are getting smaller!

Publishing house Harper Collins, has been making tiny adjustments to its print in a way to reduce it's carbon footprint! Apparently they have successfully saved 245.6 million pages and 5,618 trees to date.

Have a look at the article here! Something to think about when you complete your autobiography!


Fancy making more of an impact with your Instagram account? Have a look at this article as it gives you 7 tips to enhance your IG Stories include making emojis glow, creating collages by using Layout, using “Add Yours” stickers and templates, and more.

Have a look here!

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